for reals...

for reals...

A blog about parenting teens and other things. There are a lot of "mommy blogs" out there. I love many of them. However, they aren't really applicable at this stage in our parenting. A blog about parenting teens? Now that is something I can get behind!

Although, I will say, if you are looking for advice on parenting, I can mostly offer the things I've found that DON'T work. I'm not an expert. AT. ALL . Unless we're talking about eyerolls. And then, I've got that shizzle nailed...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Like campfires and marshmallows, we're just better together...

This past weekend we headed to Bruneau Sand Dunes. If you've never camped here, know you better go early in the season. It tends to get super hot and mosquito-y later.

We left Friday night and rolled in just in time to set up camp and play some Yahtzee before bed. We are wild y'all.

Saturday, it was pretty cold and windy when we woke up. We decided to have breakfast inside the trailer. Solid choice. After breakfast, we figured if we were going to hike the dunes, we had better get to it!

About 15 minutes in, the sun came out. It was gorgeous! Unfortunately, we also found the mosquitos. Poor Peyton gets it the worst. We have decided it's because she squeals and flails around so her adrenaline is an attraction for them.

Macie and Sydney had boundless energy. I think I hate them a little.

Just as we rolled back into our campsite, the heavens opened up and it rained and hailed for a few hours. Perfect time for a nap! I love naps.

One must always dress appropriately for the occasion...

The rain stopped about the time we were getting hungry for dinner. I was able to cook outside which makes me happy. Mark and the girls went to the Observatory Saturday night. I stayed behind and read and went to sleep early. Macie did the same. Minus the reading...

It was the perfect combination of activity and rest. Just what I look for in a camping weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Accidents Happen...

So, I got one of those dreaded calls. If you have teen drivers, you know what I'm talking about. The calls we all hope never to get...

Driving home my phone rings...caller id says "Georgio Armani".

Me: Hey Dude, what's up?
Peyton: *crying* Mom?
M: What happened?
P: I had a little fender bender.
M: OK.  Are you okay? Is anyone hurt? Do I need to come get you? Where are you?
P: I pulled over on a side street to call you. It was minor. I'm fine.
M: Did you exchange info?
P: Yes.
M: OK, you did the right thing. We can talk when I get home. Calm down, go home and do your homework.

It could have been SO much worse. So much that I can't even imagine. Or pretend like I can't imagine or I'd never let her out of my sight...

So, Mark and I get home and there is a message from the guy that she hit. I think he was mainly just making sure she told us. Ha! But, he left his home number and also told us it was minor. I think just a scuff on his bumper. We tried to call him back with no luck. So will try again.

After talking more to Peyton, we find out she didn't even realize she hit him. (Exactly why we bought her the big green tank!) She explained what happened from what he said, and told us she at first didn't even know why he was honking at her. awesome.

Anyway, we will find out the damage when we get a hold of him. If it's enough to turn in to our insurance and our rates go up, she will be responsible for paying the difference. Or, if it's not worth turning in, she will have to pay for his repairs. It sucks for her, but this is not without consequences.

My guess is she just got over-confident. As far as I can tell, she mostly drives too slow.

Although, if you ever see differently, we would really like to know.

BOLO  Just kidding...kind of.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Five Years ago...

Today, this popped up on my Facebook Flashback.

It's hard to believe this was our kitchen at that time!

I hadn't started back to work yet, so had a lot of free time. I remember I was having a bad day. I took this shot to send to Mark to let him know I got my agression out. :-) I tore out all the old drywall in one afternoon. I'm not sure I'm that tough anymore.

Shortly after sending that pic, I found the roof leak that the inspector had missed. So, that was awesome.

5 years ago was also when I created my first blog. It was about the remodel. You can see it here if you're interested. I remember really enjoying the remodel project. It seemed like such a bonding time for the four of us. It was crazy, and chaotic, but we sure spent a lot of time together. Ha!

Looking back at photos, it hits me that it was a huge undertaking. And a much bigger risk that either of us was comfortable with. Which is funny now, but we are pretty cautious.

And, I really, really love our home. We lived in our previous house for 10 years, and it never felt as much like home as this one. Maybe because we tended to every square inch of the current one?

Anyway, enough nostalgia for today. I'd hate for you to think I was a big sentimental softie.