for reals...

for reals...

A blog about parenting teens and other things. There are a lot of "mommy blogs" out there. I love many of them. However, they aren't really applicable at this stage in our parenting. A blog about parenting teens? Now that is something I can get behind!

Although, I will say, if you are looking for advice on parenting, I can mostly offer the things I've found that DON'T work. I'm not an expert. AT. ALL . Unless we're talking about eyerolls. And then, I've got that shizzle nailed...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy, happy birthday G'pa B!!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people!

This guy:

The one of the case you were wondering. Yep, it's the Notorious G'pa B!

The one who does fun stuff with the girls like this:

And projects with his favorite daughter, like this:

Oh, I guess you can't actually see the project, huh? Well, let me just say, it was EPIC. ;-)

He also spends a lot of time with this cool chick:

So, if you see him  around today, make sure you wish him a happy birthday! I'm sure he won't be embarrassed. AT. ALL.

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