for reals...

for reals...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Impulsive? Depends on who you ask...

Am I impulsive?

Nah, I'm just a good, quick decision maker. Really. You should totally ask my husband. Lololol.

If my children have any impulsivity control, I'm afraid I know exactly which parent that comes from.

We have very different decision making styles at our house. Mark thinks about things from all angles. Me? Noooot exactly my jam. This was first very evident to Mark about 5 months after we got married. I decided it was time for us to have a baby. Guess who celebrated their 6 month anniversary expecting a little bundle of joy? Good thing we were serious!

Mark often laments that hopefully I don't view husbands like I view vehicles. First sign of trouble, I decide we should start "thinking about" looking for a new car. I always swear I won't come home with something new. I do mean it when I say it. Really!

Thankfully, I DO NOT consider trading him in at the first sign of trouble. I mean even if I were to consider it, I wouldn't actually do it.

This brings me to the latest thing that I thought we should start "thinking about."

My new couch!

Special thanks to my sister-in-law Julie.  We have an agreement that husbands can be lent for furniture moving pretty much any time.  ;-)  Oh, and also, Chris and Tils should get some credit.  LOL

Our old couch came with us from our last house. It was super comfy, but not all that practical. It was light beige...almost off white. What were we thinking? It also doesn't have arm rests which makes it very difficult for some of our extended family members to get up.

I'm sure Mark knew as soon as I said I was thinking about it, we would have a new couch. I can't help it! I get obsessed with finding the right one. (Whatever the "one du jour" happens to be.) It haunts me...for real!  And that's not to say I'm anything but frugal. Which is probably part of the reason Mark rarely balks at anything. He knows I'm all about getting a good deal!

So, I started looking. And I really was just looking. But then I found what I wanted. It checked all the boxes. So, why not get it?? I'm sure Mark could offer some reasons, but I think he has a headache.

Me, as they were still unpacking and setting up the rest of the pieces.

Clearly, I am the poster child for delayed gratification.

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