for reals...

for reals...

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Second Child Syndrome...

We have noticed on occasion that Sydney doesn't always get the attention that Peyton did under similar circumstances.  Case in point, high school registration.

Last week, incoming freshmen (freshman?!? No, no, NO.) went to meet with counselors to get their Fall schedule approved.  First of all, we nearly missed seeing that this event was happening.  It was not on our radar like it was when Peyton was an incoming student.  Secondly, I did not attend.  I had another event that night.  So, Mark took Syd.  Weird.

I've said it before, Sydney not only demands less attention, she requires less.  She is much less "vocal" when it comes to us participating.  She likes to be in control, and really wants to be seen as an adult already.  We have to remind her frequently that she is still a kid and doesn't have to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.  That's why she has us.

Peyton is content to let us take care of her.  Her sister plays into this perfectly.  When the girls are home alone, it is Syd who cooks for them.  She is a natural care taker.  Peyton doesn't even take care of herself when it comes to food.  If we ask what she ate when she's on her own, it will invariably be either a piece of cheese, or nothing.  (Says the person who would subsist on cold cereal for dinner if the other people in my house would only cooperate!)

That being said, there are still a lot of parenting type things we have to keep in mind with Syd.  She is nearly incapable of monitoring her own electronics usage.  The other day, after Mark had taken away one of her electronics, I went in her room to see her on another.  When I asked, she informed me it was Peyton's.  It never really dawned on her that if we take her device away, it means she is not supposed to be on any device.

Another component of Second Child Syndrome works to her benefit.  She often gets privileges at the exact same time as here sister...not having to wait until she is the same age.  Her cell phone is a prime example!  She is definitely allowed more freedom earlier.  And, the things that freaked me out with Peyton - driving, etc. don't scare me nearly as much with Syd.

While she has to suffer through hand-me-downs, she also has never had the burden of being our sole focus!  I have a feeling Syd likes being the second (and youngest) child as much as I did. 

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