for reals...

for reals...

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Princesses Need Not Apply

It's no secret that we are not raising girly-girls at our house. Not that there is anything wrong with being girly. My girls just don't roll that way. Which is cool.


When Peyton decided she would like a desk for her room, Mark suggested they build one together. Which really means Mark will design it and make Peyton do the work. And why shouldn't she learn to build things? Certainly not because she is a girl!

They discussed what she wanted. Talked about how it should look. Redesigned based on their conversations, talked about it some more, redesigned again, and then began building.

Peyton did all of the cutting. I had to not watch this part. (Full disclosure, I COULD NOT WATCH THIS PART!!!) Mark did have to help with some of the screws as he is a bit stronger than Peyton. Ha ha ha. They got the base part done. I think in one more weekend, they will be completely done. It should be pretty cool. Part will attach to the wall and have shelving for her to store stuff.  Then, when she needs to use the desk, it will pull down. When she's done, it will retract once again. My people are creative for sure.

I'm actually super proud of both of them. Often, they butt heads. This project, Mark was patient and Peyton was a great "student".

Here are some action shots. If you can call this action...

[Just kidding on this part. Apparently, when I went to download photos from my phone, I deleted about 200 of them. If you need me, I'll be in the corner crying...]

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