for reals...

for reals...

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Following in her sisters footsteps...

Syd had her last ever St. Mark's choir concert Wednesday. She had a solo singing "Summertime". I can tell you that my dad and I were both a wreck as this is one of the songs he used to sing to me when I was little.

Syd's version was an extremely high soprano. (Which is probably not at all what you actually say when talking about it.  But Meg = no musical knowledge.)  And like usual, she nailed it.

You can listen to part of it here (thanks to my sister-in-law for actually recording it WITH sound...unlike me):

This isn't even my favorite part of the song. I do have a recording of the whole thing, but apparently, I'm not smart enough to get that on here since it's too big of a file. And of course, the recording doesn't do it justice. She sounds even better in person. But, I am her mom, so...

She also had a solo as a Descant. I didn't know what it was either...don't worry.

des·cant (dĕs′kănt′)

1. also dis·cant (dĭs′-) Music
     a. An ornamental melody or counterpoint sung or played above a theme.
     b. The highest part sung in part music.

So, basically, she just sang an extra part with the choir. But different than what they were singing. Again, she sounded great. Mr. Galvin, the music teacher has done a good job focusing on the strength of each individual singer. He knows how to showcase Syd for sure. I think he likes letting the audience see the range she has.

Sometimes, I think (or realize) that my kids are succeeding in spite of our parenting. I'm also realizing how fast the time is going. After 11 years at St. Mark's, we will be done in May. On to Bishop Kelly, and both girls in High School. Next year will be full of college tours for Peyton.

How does that happen so quickly???

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