for reals...

for reals...

A blog about parenting teens and other things. There are a lot of "mommy blogs" out there. I love many of them. However, they aren't really applicable at this stage in our parenting. A blog about parenting teens? Now that is something I can get behind!

Although, I will say, if you are looking for advice on parenting, I can mostly offer the things I've found that DON'T work. I'm not an expert. AT. ALL . Unless we're talking about eyerolls. And then, I've got that shizzle nailed...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm that mom...

You know, the one who cussed in front of the kids at youth group?  Yeah, that was me.

We were doing an exercise with them the other night.  We broke up into small groups and walked the mile and a half or so to the grocery store.  Each team had $20 to spend and were trying to get the most food/meals for the money.  All the items were then donated to the foodbank.

So, a positive experience, right?  Yay teens!  And then, right there in the aisle, I said a curse word.  Surprisingly, if you know me, it wasn't the Big Dog Daddy

It was in reference to buying ramen.  Seems legit, right?  I simply meant to say that it was worth throwing some in our basket since it was an inexpensive item and we had a little bit of money left over to get close to $20.  One of the kids had joked that ramen could be a "meal itself" and I replied "Maybe, but it sure is a crappy one."  Only I didn't say crappy.  Oops.

Peyton was in my group, so I know I didn't shock her...she's probably definitely heard worse from me.  And I know at least one other kid whose mom cusses like me.  Especially evident after she and I sat together at a baseball game.  So, he's probably not scarred for life. The other two might have been a little more shocked.  And thankfully, it was the High School kids and not the Jr. High.

Mark and I keep talking about how maybe we aren't cut out for being youth leaders.  I think he's just lumping himself in with me so he doesn't hurt my feelings. And it's always good to have something to work on to improve yourself, right?

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