for reals...

for reals...

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day, the Tverdy way...

Every year on Memorial Day, we head to Buhl to help Mark's parents clean up the family grave sites. I know this day generally is for honoring those who served in the military and we have always stressed this with the girls. We generally try to find a grave marker for someone that was in the military that needs some attention and tend to it as well. We are so thankful for those who serve and have served for us. It is always so humbling to see the flags placed on so many of the markers.

But for us, it is also an opportunity to share the girls extended family with them. There are a lot of people who influenced their lives, people they will never meet.

The first person we always talk with them about is Mark's sister Debbie. She passed away when Mark was in college, so I never got to meet her either. According to stories I've heard, Peyton especially shares a lot of Deb's characteristics. The girls always try to find their favorite flowers for her.


Next are Grandma Grace (where Peyton gets her middle name) and Grandpa Ervin. We never got to meet Grandma Grace either, but oh my, Grandpa Ervin was particularly fond of the girls.

Aunt Rose (Sydney's middle name) and Uncle Albert, another couple we never met. But again, they were significant enough in Mark's life to warrant the middle name.

Grandma Emily died about a year after Syd was born. And Grandpa Tom was gone before Mark and I met. Grandma Emily was one of the coolest ladies I ever met. She had so many stories!

And then, we get to the Tvrdys. You'll notice they have no E. That's the way Tverdy was originally spelled. Marks grandma Emily was not down with that and decided to add the E.

Since I was only two days post-surgery, I had to miss the trip for the first time since we have been married. But, Mark and the girls were able to cut a ton of flowers from our yard to take down. I'd say they did a great job on the arranging!

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