for reals...

for reals...

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Living vicariously...

So, last Friday Mark and I had the following text exchange:

Me: It's so nice out.  Why the heck are we at work?
Him:  So our kid can gallivant around Ireland.
Me: Oh, yeah. SO NOT FAIR!

While we haven't heard from Peyton the entire week, some of the other group members have been diligent in uploading pictures to Facebook. I asked them if I could share some of the trip photos which received enthusiastic response. Apparently, they all want to be featured in the blog. LOL. Oh, and lest I forget, photo cred goes to the following: Nikki Jensen, Lexie Janquart and Jennifer Lenoue!

So, without further ado:

At the airport, trying to function on 2 hours of sleep.  Love you Nikki!

Airport Lay-over

Peyton, Lexie and Nikki airport shenanigans
And then we move on to the actual trip!

First stop, Cliffs of Moher. 

Next up, Cobh Heritage Centre.

Lexie, Nikki and Nathan

Blarney Castle.  Wow!

Looks like a postcard

Amazing group of students!

Peyton, Nikki, Nathan, and Lexie

Bus shenanigans.

Kylemore Abbey.This is my absolute favorite. I can't believe how beautiful this is!

Jennifer (Peyton's other Mom at least for this week) and Nathan

Group photo in front of Kylemore Abbey

Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven.

I miss this face!

Christ Church Cathedral

The rest of these are just my favorite shots the various people sent to me. I probably wouldn't get all the locations correct so just enjoy. LOL

Lexie and Nikki

Lexie, Nikki and Peyton





Peyton in her choir finery


Riley and Nikki

Thanks again to everyone who shared pictures with us. It was amazing to see all the cool sights. And I know all of us at home can't wait to see these faces in person!

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  1. Love your post Megan! I hadn't heard from Bryce for 2 days as the wifi was terrible at the second hotel. Love the pictures you shared. Next time we need to go as Chaperones with Jennifer. No reason she should have ALL the fun with our kids! Lol😀🍀. Christine Whited